We’ve all heard of ‘Ask For Angela’, now she can keep you safe from your handbag

In partnership with Angela

Sadly, like waiting in increasingly long lines for the bathroom and paying more for essentials like razors it’s a heartbreaking truth that being attacked and harassed is sadly part of everyday life for women. The fear of it has played on such a loop in so many of our minds that there is an entire industry offering self-defence items that enable women to feel more confident walking home alone. Introducing, Angela.

Thanks to Instagram and TikTok, multi-use personal safety tools and protective accessories have become part of everyday conversation. Angela‘s mission is to equip women with personal safety tools that are stealthy and stylish, so they can feel safer wherever they go.

It’s the alarm you hope you’ll never have to use but it’s a non-violent tool to support you should you need to. Fitted with an incredibly loud 130db alarm and a 200-lumen flashing light the easy-to-use device is the size of a pack of chewing gum and fitted with a hook so you can attach it to your key chain, bag or jacket zip.


So, whether you’re out for a walk, having to make a dash across a dark car park, travelling solo or simply in an environment where you feel unsafe Angela will give you peace of mind, whatever your age.

Customers online have been raving about how wonderful the slim safety tool is sharing:

“I got one for myself for when I’m out by myself, my adult daughter who is always out working out and one for my son’s girlfriend who works odd hours. They need something and this makes me feel safer and more confident.”

Available to purchase individually for £23.99, the Angela alarm is available as part of sister discount packages where you save 10% when you purchase two or 17% when you purchase five.

If something doesn’t feel right, don’t be afraid to make some noise.

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