Therabody SmartGoggles review: “I’m surpsised

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  • A mask that gives you a head massage pre-sleep? Yep, we’re sold…

    Anyone who knows me will know that I’m pretty obsessed with my sleep. I’m a solid eight hours a night kinda gal, swear by my sunrise alarm clock, and whether it’s aromatherapy oils, sleep meditation, or beauty sleep products, if it promises to boost my shut-eye, I’ve likely tried it.

    As a Health Editor who runs marathons for fun (next stop: Chicago in three weeks – eek), I know just how important sleep is for muscle recovery, energy levels, and overall stress management. Yep, I’m pretty hot on it (and never without my lavender sleep spray).

    So you can imagine my excitement when I heard that massage gun gods Therabody were launching a mysterious new sleep product that promised to relieve most sleep ailments. After launching their Theraface facial massager earlier this year, they’ve moved into the world of sleep, calling the mask a “revolutionary, first-of-its-kind facial device.”

    Keep scrolling for my honest Therabody SmartGoggles review (plus whether they’re actually worth your £££).

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    Therabody SmartGoggles review: “They’re intriguing, no doubt about it”

    First up: a bit of background for you. You’ll know the brand as one of the leading massage gun designers, launched by chiropractor Dr Jason Wersland in 2016. They’ve gained a cult-like following ever since, with everyone from elite athletes, to pro footballers, to us normal lot at home swearing by them for easing delayed onset muscle soreness and just making workout recovery that little bit easier.

    Gone are the days of having to spend hundreds on a massage every few weeks – now, you can invest in a Theragun and get the job done while watching Bake Off. They’re simple to use, convenient, and widely appealing (although obviously, if you train at a high level, it’s still advised to get massages as and when you can).

    This Autumn, they’re releasing a whole new line up of products that they’ve been working on for years – one of which is the SmartGoggles.

    What are the SmartGoggles?

    According to the brand, they’re essentially a sleep mask that combines a biometric heart rate sensor (a sensor that mirrors your own heart rate) with vibration, heat, and massage.

    The perks? The mask promises to:

    • Ease headaches
    • Ease facial and temple tension
    • Encourage relaxation
    • Optimise sleep.

    They have various settings, too – this isn’t a one-trick pony. During the day, if you need a concentration boost, they’re said to ease facial tension, whereas pre-bedtime, they’ll relax you enough to help you ease into a restful slumber.

    As Wersland explains when I meet him in Shoreditch to discuss the new launches, wellness has always been at the core of what Therabody does (he loves recounting tales of easing strangers’ pain with the personal Theragun he carries with him, discussing massaging a receptionist with a back strain earlier that day).

    Their USP? They’re utilising the expertise of Wersland’s engineers, doctors, and scientists to create everyday products that absolutely anyone can use.

    How do the SmartGoggles feel? 

    Getting my hands on them for the first time for this Therabody SmartGoggles review, they strike me as rather – ahem – space age. They’re hefty and look more like a VR headset than your standard silk eye mask.

    That said, they boast an awful lot of tech and so are naturally going to be a bit chunkier.

    How do the SmartGoggles work?

    So, how do they actually work? Good question. You’ll notice a little sensor on the right-hand side that sits on your cheek and looks like a SIM card. This mimics your heart beat, supposedly easing you into a slower heart rate and more relaxed state.

    Are they easy to use? Easy enough. Navigating the buttons is intuitive –  there is an on button and there are three clear settings on the right-hand side, indicated by a brain (focus during the day), sun (daytime relaxation), and moon (sleep relaxation).

    Flicking to sleep mode and placing the goggles on, I’m surprised. The pressure is more than I expected, and I can only liken it to the tight arm-squeeze you feel when you’re getting your blood pressure monitored. That said, you can change the settings to ease it off if it’s too intense for you.

    They’re also quite loud – a soft whirring in my ears isn’t what I’m used to pre-bedtime – but the brand encourages you to use it alongside the app to play in-ear sleep meditations at the same time. Once I get this set up, I barely notice the noise.

    The question on everyone’s lips: are you actually meant to sleep in them? Wersland is vague in his response when I ask, sharing that the cycle will automatically stop after 15 minutes (he uses them just before sleep and then takes them off). I found them a bit constricting to be able to fully drift off so took them off and placed them on my bedside table before nodding off.

    The Therabody SmartGoggles, photographed while Health Editor Ally Head was testing them

    The Therabody SmartGoggles, photographed while Health Editor Ally Head was testing them

    So, what was my honest Therabody SmartGoggles review? 

    They’re intriguing, no doubt about it – but did I actually sleep better? I’m not sure. While I did feel relaxed, it still took me 20 or so minutes to drift off, and I felt as normal when I woke the next day. That said, I quite like that while they’re on, I physically can’t do anything else other than sit and unwind (no TikTok scrolling for me), meaning my bedtime routine is far more sleep-friendly and my wind-down time is enforced.

    While the intense squeeze-and-release around my temples was a new sensation at first, I found the warmth soothing and the massage element helped me to relax after a busy day of screen time.

    Have I used them since? Yes, I have – they’ve actually become a staple of my bedtime routine as they’re easy to leave next to the bed and pop on after a bit of reading. I’m also very excited to pack them for my upcoming flight to Chicago to ease in-flight insomnia.

    I’m not super techy but found they were simple to use, plus they charge super quickly, too, meaning you’re never caught out. Sold? Pretty much.

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