The BBC are to pay ‘substantial damages’ to the former nanny of Prince William and Prince Harry

Her solicitor also said that Tiggy was “relieved that the BBC accepts that the allegations are completely untrue and without any foundation whatsoever.”

The BBC admitted that the claims against her were “wholly baseless” and “should never have been made.” A substantial, undisclosed sum and Tiggy’s legal costs will be paid to her by the BBC.

According to OK! magazine, the former royal nanny was hired by Prince Charles in 1993 to look after Prince William and Prince Harry following his separation from Princess Diana.

Tiggy is said to have worked in the role for six years but has stayed close to the princes. She was invited to Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle in Windsor and also seen attending the intimate christening of Archie in 2019.

Her son Thomas, who is Prince William’s godson, was also a pageboy at his wedding to Kate Middleton. Tiggy’s second son, Fredrick is the godson of Prince Harry.

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