The 9 Best Ylang-Ylang Perfumes, Hands Down

There are certain notes that help give perfume a certain je ne sais quoi. Notes like these are almost never the main event but serve as background characters that make an overall fragrance just work. One of those background characters that works overtime in making a perfume smell good? Ylang-ylang. 

You’ve probably heard of ylang-ylang before, particularly if you’re a frag head like I am. Ylang-ylang is a spindly, yellow, star-shaped flower that comes from the Cananga tree. These are tropical trees that are native to the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, and Queensland, Australia. These flowers have an extremely unique scent, making them the perfect addition to any floral-forward fragrance. Ylang-ylang is a rich, sweet-smelling floral with notes of banana, woods, and sourness. It’s unique, and it absolutely comes alive on the skin. Ylang-ylang pairs well with most classic scents, like vanilla, rose, and jasmine.

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