Struggling to drift off? Try out these products for the best beauty sleep

Anyone else finding it hard to get to sleep at the moment? We don’t know about you, but the minute our heads hit the pillow our brain suddenly goes into overtime. Millions of questions start running through our minds, from whether we’ve replied to that important work email to what we are having for breakfast. We find ourselves tossing and turning for hours, and waking up looking (and feeling) a little worse for wear.

We are in serious need of some beauty sleep, but we can’t do it alone. Luckily, there are loads of products available to help us drift off, and wake up looking like a new person. Check out our guide to how to achieve your best beauty sleep yet, and don’t forget to shop our best pillow mists, best silk pillowcases and best sleep masks for that added bit of luxury. If you’re really struggling, we also have lots of sleep remedies to help you get your full eight hours a night.

Is beauty sleep a real thing?

It might not sound like it, but believe it or not, beauty sleep is real. According to WebMD, your skin uses sleep to heal itself from any damage throughout the day. Not only that, but lack of sleep can lead to stress, which can cause breakouts and blackheads. Moral of the story? More sleep means clearer skin, brighter eyes and most importantly, more energy to tackle the day ahead.

The best products for the ultimate beauty sleep:

We’ve rounded up our top products for the ultimate beauty sleep, from relaxing body oils, cooling eye masks, lavender pillow sprays, CBD bath blocks and more. We’ve got loads of information on how they can help you drift off at night plus their added beauty benefits, and after reading this, you might want to try them all…

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