Reviewed: The 10 Best Avène Products We Swear By

Many cult-favorite products and brands, like Biafine and A313, aren’t available in the United States without a prescription. There are a few French pharmacy brands, however, that are readily available stateside. One of those brands is the beloved, thermal water-infused skincare brand Avène.

Avène has been around since 1736—nearly 300 years ago. The brand all started with a thermal spring in the town of Avène, when a horse with alopecia would roll in the water to soothe its skin. From there, people began to realize the thermal water’s healing properties for skin conditions like atopic dermatitis and eczema. 

Now, Avène makes products that everyone can use to unlock their best skin. Each of the brand’s products is laced with the thermal water that put it on the map. Avène makes products for everyone, but it’s especially beneficial for anyone with sensitive or otherwise irritated skin. The brand has become such a staple that every single beauty editor at Who What Wear has a favorite—keep reading to see which Avène products we simply couldn’t live without.

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