Prince Harry cameos on Meghan Markle’s podcast

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  • ‘Archetypes’ has finally premiered.

    Meghan Markle’s long-awaited podcast, Archetypes, has premiered on Spotify.

    The first episode consists of a conversation between the Duchess of Sussex and tennis champion Serena Williams about women’s right to ambition, and it even features a sweet cameo from Prince Harry right after Meghan introduces Serena.

    The Prince’s voice can be heard in the background, and Meghan says: “Hi! You wanna come say hi? Look who just popped in.”

    At this point, Serena puts on a plummy English accent to say “hello,” which Meghan mirrors, laughing.

    Harry then asks Serena how she’s doing and compliments her hairstyle. “It’s a great vibe,” he says, an expression we’d love to hear any other royal using, just for fun.

    Demonstrating how close she is to the Sussexes, Serena tells him: “Thank you! Good to see you as always. I miss you guys.”

    All three agree that they need to organise something together, then Harry’s voice gets quieter as he begins to walk away, telling the two women to have fun recording the podcast.

    “Thanks, my love,” comes Meghan’s sweet answer.

    Meghan’s friendship with Serena goes back years now, and they definitely showed their bond during the episode. At one point, the Duchess asks the sportswoman why she agreed to come onto her podcast, to which she says: “I was gonna say, ’cause I love you!”

    Serena added: “I believe in you. We’ve been friends for so long. I’m super loyal, you know that.”

    Meghan then recounted their first meeting. “It was the same year as the Super Bowl, when the Super Bowl was in New York. I’d never been before, and then I show up and I see you walking towards someone. And I remember going: ‘Oh my gosh, who’s Serena Williams going to talk to?’ and I look behind me and when I turned around you were in front of me! We became such fast friends.”

    Archetypes is available to listen to on Spotify now.

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