“My new go-to clitoral suction toy.”

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  • “It sent me into an orgasmic and euphoric state.”

    On the hunt for the best sex toys or best sex toys for couples but not sure where to start? Enter stage right, the LELO Sila, a clitoral suction style vibrator designed to deliver orgasm via intense sonic vibrations.

    It’s pretty memorable, thanks to its unique shape and alternative “cruise control” setting – but did it pass the O test when reviewed?

    LELO Sila sonic massager sex toy pros:

    • Easy to use
    • Easy to position
    • Can reach orgasm easily
    • Can achieve multiple orgasms
    • Rechargeable
    • Luxury sex toy
    • Skin-safe silicone
    • Storage bag
    • Easy to clean
    • Great for couples play.

    LELO Sila sonic massager sex toy cons:

    A bit about the brains behind this LELO Sila sonic massager reviewer: I’m Ness Cooper, a clinical sexologist who has a background in sex and relationship coaching. Fun fact: I’ve been reviewing vibrators, dildos, and clitoral suction toys for more than ten years.

    Keep scrolling for my honest thoughts on the LELO Sila – don’t miss my LELO Sona 2 Cruise review, while you’re here.

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    LELO Sila sonic massager review: “This is the clitoral suction sex toy I’d been after.”

    Special features and what sets it apart from competitors

    As above, the LELO Sila promises to be a clitoral suction toy with a difference. With other similar oral sex-mimicking toys, I’ve often found they’re rather hit or miss – that is, often the size and shape of the nozzle is a little off, which means that positioning the sex toy can be quite difficult and, well, awkward.

    Thanks to the smooth, round, soft nozzle of the LELO Sila, I was hopeful that it would be easier to find and stimulate my clit with its sonic vibrations. There’s no better feeling than opening a new sex toy and being excited, rather than confused as to where to start – which is how I felt when I opened the LELO Sila.

    I also couldn’t wait to introduce my partner to it as it looked like the perfect toy to enhance our couple’s play.

    How to use the LELO Sila and how it was

    After applying plenty of water-based lubricant inside the clitoral nozzle (read our round-up of the best lubes, here), I pressed the LELO Sila to my body. It fitted comfortable over my clitoris, which was a good start. Thanks to the rounded shape of the sex toy, I was easily able to press it towards my body, plus could do so more intensely as I became further aroused.

    One thing I noticed while testing the toy for my LELO Sila sonic massager review? It has an inbuilt cruise control, which meant that the vibrations from the motors didn’t weaken. The LELO Sila sent me into an orgasmic and euphoric state and, fun fact: because of the soft, round shape of the nozzle, I was able to continue and have not one, but two clitoral orgasms in a row, unlike when using the LELO Sona 2 Cruise, which made my body feel slightly uncomfortable after the first orgasm.

    LELO Sila: an image of the sex toy

    The LELO Sila toy, as pictured by tester Ness

    Some vibrations make sex toys slip and slide out of your grip, but I’m pleasantly surprised to find that this doesn’t happen with the Sila. It’s fully waterproof, and I’m able to keep hold of the sex toy whilst enjoying a relaxing soak in the bath. When underwater, the toy is vertically silent, meaning it’s a really excellent bath and shower toy.

    I mentioned partner play above and I found the LELO Sila one of the best sex toys for couples for a number of reasons. Its shape means it’s not intimidating, the size of the clitoral nozzle makes it easy to use, plus the controls are somewhat intuitive, meaning my partner and I have used it both in the shower and out.

    Using the toy as we dried off in the bedroom, I noticed that the LELO Sila can easily be held in various sex positions, from doggy to cowgirl. It also works with either partner holding and controlling it during sex. Missionary was the only position we couldn’t really try Sila with, but for the other positions, my partner noticed that as they penetrated me, they could feel the vibrations travel deep inside my body. This enhanced the pleasure they experienced with me during sex.

    Adding an extra sense of tease to my play, I also explored with the LELO Sila on my nipples and even cheekily surprised my partner by placing it on theirs which made them let out a pleasant “Ooooo..”.

    If I could improve the Sila, the one thing I’d wish for would be more powerful, as whilst it did lead to multiple orgasms that were enjoyable, it took a bit longer than some other sex toys.

    How to keep it maintained and clean

    Cleaning the LELO Sila is easier than cleaning the LELO Sona 2 Cruise and LELO Egnima – the three make up LELO’s best-selling toys – largely due to the clitoral nozzle being wider.

    The shape also means it dries easier too, and once fully dried it can be stored away for next time. Do note, though: you may want to charge it up in preparation as when you get the LELO Sila out, you can expect to want to play with it for very long pleasure sessions at a time.

    Not sure how to clean your sex toys? Read our guide, here.

    About the LELO brand

    If you haven’t heard of LELO, they’re a Swedish sex toy company that launched in 2002.

    Should I buy it?

    Short answer? My LELO Sila sonic massager review gets a yes from me. Out of all the other LELO suction sex toys, the Sila is my favourite when it comes to shape. What’s not to like?

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