Lululemon Womens Running Shoes Workout Sneaker 2022

On Lululemon’s very active subreddit — where buzz surrounding the brand’s footwear launch has been building for weeks — users are already proudly posting images of the runners and sharing reviews that compare the kicks to similar styles from On, Adidas, and Nike. According to the brand, Lululemon footwear has been over four years (and over a million feet) in the making, and the positive accolades are already beginning to pile up. “I haven’t really put on a shoe that feels quite like this,” said track and field athlete and Lululemon ambassador Jasmine Blocker in a video announcing the launch. “It [feels] like an extension of yourself.” On the Blissfeel page — where the trainer has already racked up a 4.7-star rating — reviewers write that the shoe offers “lots of support for very long runs”, “super comfortable and comparable to my other running shoes”, and even boasted “a little bit of bounce.”

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