Hair Gems Are Back—Here’s How to Get in on the Y2K Trend

My take on the trend is more casual than red carpet-ready. Personally, though, I don’t think hair gems need to be reserved for elevated occasions. I think they work just as well on a sunny Saturday when you’re spending your day drinking coffee, eating brunch, and cleaning your apartment (speaking from experience here). 

I used a stamping device right out of the early aughts, although there are other application methods (but more on that in a minute). The device I used was sold out for months after it went viral on Tik Tok, but I waited patiently and bought it a few weeks ago. It’s a little clunky and it doesn’t stamp very precisely, but it does the job. All you have to do is insert a plastic disc that holds the rhinestones, place a lock of your hair inside of it, and press down. That’s it—the rhinestone will stick to your strands. 

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