Ex-Love Island contestant has revealed that they were allowed takeaways in the villa this year

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  • Yum!

    The Love Island villa definitely comes with a lot of rules, but there are also plenty of perks, by the sounds of it.

    Not only do the contestants get treated to a free Mallorcan holiday, some fun dates, and the chance to meet the love of their life, but they also get to eat some delicious food — although it doesn’t sound like they have been indulging in many Balearic delicacies, to be honest.

    Former contestants Jay Younger and Chyna Mills, who appearaed on the latest series of the reality show, answered questions on Cosmopolitan UK‘s Text on the Beach, and Jay revealed some previously unknown villa trivia that even Chyna wasn’t aware of.

    Asked what surprised him most about life in the villa, Jay answered: “Probably the amount of food that they have in the kitchen. For me, I love my chocolate rice cakes. Davide and I would smash them in the evenings quite a lot. Bowls of cereal … probably a full day’s worth of food in the evening, just because we were bored.”

    At this point, Chyna chimed in: “I was begging just for a takeaway.”

    Jay then said: “I had a Chinese and a McDonald’s in there, too, yeah. That was fun. I haven’t actually… I wouldn’t usually eat a Chinese or a McDonald’s outside so…”

    Chyna wasn’t too pleased, telling Jay: “You know how long I was asking for a Chinese?”

    She seemed to forgive him in the end, though, as the two of them started laughing over it.

    Chyna confirmed that there was loads of food available in the villa, and that the girls were also treated to hair styling and manicures during their stay.

    “You can get anything on tap in there, you know, if you need any makeup, just give them a call…”

    We’ll keep that in mind!

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