Every Beauty Trend That Went Viral Thanks to Hailey Bieber

Just like the rest of the world seems to be, I too am mildly obsessed with Hailey Bieber. She has everyone in a trance, particularly in the beauty space. It’s not difficult to see why—she truly has her finger on the pulse, and nearly everything she does will inevitably dictate a brand-new beauty craze. 

Case in point: all of the beauty trends that have gone viral thanks to Bieber, particularly on TikTok. If you’re in tune with the beauty scene at all, you know that Bieber has been at the center of some major trends this year. From glazed donut nails to intensely dewy skin, Bieber has been at the helm of trends that many of us have adapted into our everyday lives. (I, for one, can’t seem to shake the chokehold that sleek, low buns have on me.) Here, we’ve compiled all of the beauty trends we’ve adapted thanks to Bieber—including a few you may have forgotten.

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