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  • Sunscreen is being donated to children across the UK for families that can’t afford it. Spearheaded by beauty powerhouse Caroline Hirons and our very own Lisa Oxenham, here’s how you can help…

    The #SunPoverty campaign is back and better than ever. Escentual’s latest campaign aims to get skin cancer cancelled by putting an end to sun poverty. 

    Escentual’s campaign gives suncare to the children who cannot afford it, while at the same time educating them on the dangers of UV rays.

    Did you know? Skin cancer is the fastest growing cancer in the UK. In 2019, 224,092 cases were recorded, a rise of 26%. Research shows that just one blistering sunburn in childhood more than doubles the chances of developing melanoma later in life.

    Despite this, many children are going without sun protection because their parents simply can’t afford it.

    However, 86% of melanoma cases are preventable with the help of the best sun cream.

    “#SunPoverty is such an important campaign. While it’s easy for us to preach about the importance of SPF, it’s also easy to forget that it comes at an extra cost, one that not everyone can afford as it isn’t cheap,” says our Beauty and Style Director Lisa Oxenham. “Escentual have made their own SPF50+ which comes with a keyring attached to easily hang on a school bag and are donating to children eligible for free school meals. Please show your support.”

    SunPoverty – Lesson with Year 2 schoolchildren with teacher Emma O’Nions

    The not-for-profit teaches children good sun habits to establish during youth, while providing them the means to do so by giving the Escentual 50ml 50+ SPF to children eligible for free school meals.

    Last year, they donated 20,000 and this year the #SunPoverty campaign will up this by give 30,000 lotions away to the children who need it the most.

    Cardiff-based beauty e-tailer Escentual is also calling on the Government to abolish VAT on children’s sunscreen, as it’s not an optional product but a necessary one. 

    But, to make this campaign a success, Escentual need your help. They will donate one Escentual SPF50+ sunscreen for every one bought, as well as for every Clarins, Bioderma or Eucerin sunscreen bought on their website. So, next time you need sunscreen, make a difference by purchasing at

    Best-selling beauty author, Caroline Hirons said: “This is a genius idea from, and they are trying to get the government to cut VAT on SPF. The suncream is designed for children and it’s got a little latch key on it so you can stick in on their rucksack put their name on the front and it’s under £9.”


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