Emma Corrin has spoken about gender fluidity and opened up about their own non-binary identity

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  • They also said posting about gender identity on Instagram can be “really scary.”

    Golden Globe winner and The Crown star, Emma Corrin has opened up about gender fluidity and their own non-binary identity saying they feel “more seen” when referred to as they.

    They also said that in their opinion gender isn’t something “that feels fixed” in a candid interview with US Vogue.

    “I feel much more seen when I’m referred to as ‘they,’ but my closest friends, they will call me ‘she,’ and I don’t mind, because I know they know me,” said Emma. The 26-year-old actor, most famous for playing a young Princess Diana in The Crown, was speaking to the American fashion bible as their August cover star.

    Last year, Emma came out as queer and non-binary last year and added she/they pronouns to their Instagram bio. They now use they/them.

    Emma also spoke about how intimidating it can be to post to the social media platform about gender identity, telling US Vogue, that it can be “really scary.” They also described how their post last summer about using chest binders safely had resulted in a huge reaction, with some of the comments not being very kind.

    “In my mind, gender just isn’t something that feels fixed, and I don’t know if it ever will be; there might always be some fluidity there for me,” they said.

    The award-winning actor did praise social media though for the opportunity it can give to building a queer and trans community. They said: “If you have a platform and you’re able to use it, that’s obviously so important—and I met some incredible people through it.”

    They also explained that their LGBTQ+ identity was something they had felt “intense pressure” to justify. “I’m working out all this complex gender and sexuality stuff,” they said, describing how when they’ve dated men it has felt “very juxtaposed” even when they are happy. Putting it plainly, Emma told US Vogue: “I like people.”

    Emma also opened up about their queer “chosen family”, naming Schitt’s Creek creator and actor Dan Levy as one of their best friends. “He’s full of wisdom,” they said. Emma also described how they had bonded with Canadian comedian Mae Martin during the pandemic.


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