Dame Pom review: “It made me orgasm in seconds

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  • “From past experience the softer the sex toy is the weaker the vibrations, but the Pom proved me wrong this time.”

    So, you’re on the hunt for a good clitoral stimulator. They’re known as one of the best sex toys for a reason: big on bass, buzz, and offering various vibration types, their main aim is to help you to orgasm by exterior stimulation – that is, stimulation of your clitoris. 

    That said, some work better than others – and one of the most talked about is the Dame Pom, a toy that promises to be soft, flexible, and offers intense rumbling vibrations. Lucky for you, we’ve been putting it to the test to decipher whether it’s actually worth your money. 

    A bit about me: I’m Ness Cooper, MC’s resident sex-pert, and I have over a thousand sex toys that I’ve tested over the years. (I might need to Marie Kondo them at some point). Working as a clinical sexologist for over ten years, I’ve tried every type of sex toy you can imaginable, from the unimaginable to the daring.

    For my Dame Pom review, keep reading. Don’t miss our guides to the best sex toys for couples, pegging, and bondage for beginners, while you’re here. 

    Dame Pom pros:

    • Flexible
    • Extremely soft silicone
    • Waterproof
    • Rechargeable
    • 3 year warranty
    • Strong vibrations
    • Easy controls
    • Comfortable to hold
    • Soft body.

    Dame Pom cons:

    • Slight smell to the silicone
    • Needs charging more often than some
    • Only quiet when in contact with the body.

    Dame Pom review: “It made me orgasm in seconds.”

    Special features and what sets it apart from competitors

    Dame as a brand brings a new meaning to the classic pebble vibrators. Traditionally, this style of vibrator comes in a hard shell and offers more buzzy style vibrations. The Dame Pom, however, challenges the traditional pebble by promising to be soft yet also strong.

    This is pretty unheard of on the sex toy scene, setting the Dame Pom apart from competitors.

    How to use the Dame Pom and how it was

    When I initially try the Dame Pom, the first thing I notice is how easy the Pom’s buttons make it to control. If you think about it, sex toys need to have buttons in pretty specific places to make sure they’re easy to use mid-sex or masturbation. The Pom’s buttons are handily ergonomically positioned and are cleverly designed to avoid accidental misclicks, which I like. 

    Testing the Dame Pom, the vibrations are similar to the rumbles of the We-Vibe clitoral vibrators – that is, strong, intense, and targeting the right spot. It’s handily flexible, plus has a handy tip, which I found to be great for both clitoral stimulation and full-body teasing. Don’t miss the various vibration settings, either – there’s a whole load on offer.

    I orgasmed quickly, and the toy resulted in a really intense climax. I’m now a Dame Pom convert – so much so that I’ve been using it more than my previous old-time favourite pebble sex toys.

    The Dame Pom easily competes as one of the best clitoral suction toys out there – and do know, it’s not just a sex toy for solo play. The vibrator’s shape is designed for use during sex, and is particularly great when used in missionary position (read our guide to the best sex positions, here). 

    The Dame Pom sex toy, pictured by Ness

    How to keep it maintains and clean

    The Dame Pom is waterproof, which means you can use your standard antibacterial wash and warm water to clean it.

    Do note: extra attention may be needed around the magnetic charging area as there are some gaps where dirt can reside. Once the Pom is dry, simply pop it back in the storage bag.

    About the brand Dame

    Dame is a brand founded by sexologist Alexandra Fine and engineer Janet Lieberman, who launched the brand with the aim of closing the orgasm gap. (I reckon they have a possibility of achieving this by continuing to make products like the Pom).

    They achieved global recognition when the New York City subway refused to advertise their sexual wellness products in 2019. 

    Should I buy it?

    My final thoughts on my Dame Pom review? It’s just so good – I’m all for it. Combining soft and strong sensations, the Pom is a very satisfying sex toy.

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