An Editor’s Fall Wellness Routine Refresh

I’ve always been envious of my colleagues who seem to float into the office (virtually or IRL) nice and early every morning, green juice in hand and workout complete, ready to take on the day. While I’ve been tasked with writing about many a workday routine over the course of my career, I have to admit I’ve never really nailed one down for myself. Living life “free-form” always seemed to work for me… until I hit my 30s, and suddenly, it didn’t.

With fall—the season of fresh starts—just around the corner, I realized it was high time I changed my unregimented ways and started carving out some time for self-care. And luckily, I knew just the person to turn to for advice on the matter: Who What Wear’s very own Alexandra Kurtz. Alex, a sales associate who sits on the media revenue team, relies on a carefully curated routine to get her through busy workdays in New York City.

I’ve struggled with anxiety my whole life, and my routines are what help keep my anxiety at bay,” she explains, underlining the importance of self-care. “Self-care can mean anything that brings you peace,” she adds. “For me, working out and taking care of my body make me feel my best—and getting plenty of sleep.” (Hear, hear!)

Looking for a wellness refresh of your own this fall? You’ve come to the right place. Follow along as Alex takes us through a typical WFH workday from sunup to sundown.

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