A third of Pakistan is underwater after freak flooding

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  • As an urgent aid appeal is launched.

    Today, an urgent aid appeal has been launched to help victims of the flooding in Pakistan.

    At current, a third of the country is underwater after heavy monsoon rainfall which experts have said is ten times heavier than average.

    Shocking satellite images released by the European Space Agency (ESA) appears to confirm what the Pakistani government have been saying – that as much as a third of the country (roughly the same size area as the UK) is currently underwater.

    The flooded areas are largely residential and it’s thought that aid workers attempting to rescue those in need are facing ongoing challenges, risks, and complications.

    The UK’s Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) are urgently appealing for donations to help them mitigate the “absolutely devastating” damage that the floods have caused – including washing away millions of homes, crops, and livestock, not to mention taking numerous lives.

    It’s thought that around 33 million people have already been impacted by the disaster, with 1,100 confirmed dead.

    In a statement, ESA said: “The Indus River has overflowed, effectively creating a long lake, tens of kilometers wide.”

    Saleh Saeed, Chief Executive of the DEC, said in his appeal: “Time is critical, with conditions expected to get worse as the rains continue. We are urging everyone: please give whatever you can.”

    While Pakistan experienced flooding in 2010, several aid workers on the ground have confirmed that this is on a different scale to previous disasters.

    The UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called it “a monsoon on steroids” and blamed “the relentless impact of epochal levels of rain and flooding.”

    He went on to call South Asia a “climate crisis hotspot,” highlighting that despite only contributing to 1% of the world’s carbon emissions, residents are fifteen times more likely to die from climate change-related natural disasters.

    “Let’s stop sleepwalking towards the destruction of our planet by climate change. Today, it’s Pakistan. Tomorrow, it could be your country,” he shared.

    How to help the victims of the flooding in Pakistan

    1. Donate to the Disaster Emergency Committee

    So, how can you help? Donations can be made at dec.org.uk or by calling 0330 678 1000, but do head to the Gov.uk website if you need more information on where to safely direct your donations.

    The DEC is the preferred donation charity as the UK government has confirmed that it will match the first £5 million of public donations and donate a further £5 million.

    2. Donate to the Red Cross

    That said, the Red Cross is also fundraising. They’re part of the DEC which, in short, is a team of fifteen charities who all provide humanitarian aid during natural disasters.

    To give you an idea of how your donation will help – as per the Red Cross website:

    • £20 could help to provide a hygiene kit to one family that includes things like toothbrushes, soap and toilet paper
    • £40 could help to provide ten families with a jerry can so that they can store clean water for drinking and cooking
    • £65 could help to provide one household with financial support so they can meet their basic needs like buying food and clean drinking water
    • £100 could help to provide a family of seven with a winterisation kit to protect them from the upcoming winter with things like warm coats and shoes
    • £335 could help to provide an emergency tent for a family who have lost their home in the flooding.

    Head to donate.redcross.org to donate.

    3. Reduce your carbon footprint

    While this won’t help the victims in Pakistan right now, it could help to prevent further global warming and, in turn, natural disasters in future. The time is now – take responsibility for your carbon footprint, waste less, lobby the organisations using the planet for profit and donate if you have the money to spare.

    Our thoughts are with all of those currently affected by the flooding.

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