7 Big Décor Trends Defining Interior Design in 2023

Cancel the flight, and let the vacation come to you—at least, that’s the sentiment behind one interior concept that’s been catching on among particularly stylish people. Instead of traveling abroad for a dose of escapism, it’s as easy as walking into a room. “All my clients that just bought homes are buying old Italian and European-looking villas here in Los Angeles. They’re like, ‘Ooh, I want my house to look like that villa in Italy I used to go to but haven’t been to because of COVID.’ So we’re all very much leaning into this right now, like Call Me by Your Name and Chateau Marmont—everyone wants those references,” explains Howell.

After nearly two years of travel being off the table, it’s understandable that a sense of wanderlust has entered the chat. Naturally, bright light, warm wood tones, and airy linen furniture help sell the vision of resort life, but Howell also notes that it’s just as important to capture the overall emotion within the design process. “I like to start with an emotional landscape and then lean into it,” she says. While it helps to have the good bones of a Spanish-style villa, buying a house isn’t necessary to achieve a personal worldly oasis—it can be as simple as swapping out heavy drapes for breezy linen curtains or decorating shelves with objects from abroad, like this stunning candelabra Furlong Hudson recently picked up Mexico City.

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