6 Jeans Outfits That Are Ageless and Will Never Feel Dated

Melissa Meyers and her daughter, Rachel Meyers, have inspiring sartorial points of view. Their vibes are equal parts effortless and chic for their lives in Los Angeles. We believe that age has nothing to do with what you should or shouldn’t wear, and this mother-daughter duo exemplifies that perfectly, as they often gravitate toward similar trends and outfit formulas despite their 32-year age difference. In fact, there are specific denim outfits they both wear on repeat.

The Meyers women are into the jeans looks coming your way because each is unique, but they’re all ageless. Because as we stated before, age is just a number, so anything goes. In addition, they love the ensembles in question because they’re modern but feature classic pieces (think white blouses and blazers). So essentially, they will really never feel “dated.”

Keep scrolling to check out the jeans outfits that could be worth a try, complete with styling and shopping inspiration.

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