12 Volumizing Haircuts for Thin Hair to Bring to the Salon

Making your cut a little shorter in the back pumps up the volume in a really natural way. An A-line bob (or graduated bob is perfect for this and is another great option for those looking to go shorter. Celebrity stylist Michelle Cleveland says, “In the world of haircuts, the rule of thumb for fine/thin hair is ‘short pushes long,’ she says. “What that translates to is that shorter hair underneath pushes longer hair above creating instant volume. With this theory in mind, a good haircut that follows this rule is a graduated bob (think Victoria Beckham’s famous cut).”

Cleveland has finer hair herself so she has a few styling tips as well. “I have fine hair so in my arsenal of products I have a good root lifter (Root Werk from NuMe Hair),  which I spray on at the scalp after washing and massage in before blow-drying, and then [I use] a dry texture spray such as Living Proof Dry Volume & Texture Spray to finish.”

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