11 Undergarments Every Lingerie Capsule Should Have

Ever since I was young, I’ve had an affinity for shopping. I’m a part of that generation that grew up aimlessly wandering about the marble corridors of the local mall on the weekends and after school. I can still smell Abercombie & Fitch, I can recall the joy of finding a designer bag in Macy’s, and I can admittedly remember the excitement of wandering into Victoria’s Secret. The last activity was probably the most exciting prospect for my pubescent self because lingerie has always been something I thoroughly enjoy. I know some people adamantly hate bra shopping, loathe holiday-themed lingerie sets, and cannot stand shapewear, but I’m not one of those people. I’ve been a long-standing fan of shopping at annual lingerie sales, I had multiple lingerie subscriptions, and I always will find another excuse to buy a silk slip dress. So it’s no surprise that my lingerie drawer has begun to overflow over the years, which, for a resident of New York City, is a problem because space is so valuable. When you have a limited number of drawers, the best possible solution is to opt for a capsule wardrobe—including one for your lingerie collection.

I’m vying to clear out my drawers to only the essentials and invest in some long-term lingerie staples, and I’ve done some digging to narrow down which undergarments I’ll be parting with and which 11 pieces are worth purchasing. Whether you’re like me and own way too much underwear, you’re itching to ditch some bras, or you loathe shopping for undergarments, this lingerie capsule will make your life way easier. And the drawer space you’re about to have? Well, you can thank me later for that.

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